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Director/Producer – Gonzalo San Vicente

Gonza began his career in film in his home country of Uruguay where he studied Communications and Film at the University of the Republic. After completing his degree, he founded his own film production company which produced commercials, television spots and programing. He also gained directorial experience directing short films and television shows. Gonza relocated to Berlin, Germany and founded Floruit Films GmbH, in 2012.


Art Director/Character Designer/Storyboarder – Franziska Poike

Franzi has been working as an animator, illusrator, character designer, storyboarder and art director in Germany since 2005. Her animation credits include work on both feature films and television series. More of Franzi’s work can be found here:


Animation Director – Adam Yassour

After receiving his BFA degree in animation at the “”Bezalel”" academy in Jerusalem two and a half years ago, Adam relocated to Berlin with the intent of broadening his skills and creativity through collaborations with other professionals. More of Adam’s work can be found here:


Animator 1 – Ulf Grenzer

Ulf was born in Dresden in 1967 and studied animation at the HFF Potsdam Babelsberg from 1988 to 1991. Since then he has worked as a freelance animator in Berlin and Hamburg on various television and feature films in the field of classical animation with. He also teaches as an artistic associate at the HFF Potsdam.

Sarah-Mia photo_resize2

Animator – Sarah-Mia Thiel Nielsen

Sarah-Mia is a Danish character animator based in Berlin, working both with 2D, 3D and stop motion animation. She graduated in 2010 from The Animation Workshop in Denmark. More Sarah’s work can be found here:


Animation Assistant – Magda Richiusa

Magda a young 2d/3d artist from Italy who is now based in Berlin. She has fifteen years of experience as a 2D traditional animation Assistant Animator and 3D animation Modeler and Animator. More of Magda’s work can be found here:


Animation Assistant – Carlos Lidón

Carlos Lidón is a Graphic designer from Spain now based in Berlin. Fascinated about filmmaking and photography, he has experience in several fields in Graphic Design and is always planning new projects and travels. More Carlos’ work can be found here:


Graphic Designer – Paula Feijoo

Paula is a curious and fun loving graphic designer from Spain who is in love with visual communication. Her passion for design, art and video has brought her to Berlin, where she has been living for the past year and nine months. More of Paula’s work can be found here: