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About the movie

Ami is an 8-minute-long animated short film.
It is a film about the bond between a mother and her little daughter that speaks to the perspectives of both children and adults.

Ami, highlights the struggle of all modern parents to balance work and family. Every parent knows how difficult it is to help their children understand why they must be away, when their careers ask them to.
Sometimes, the best a mother can do is make up a far-fetched story to help her child better understand and make them feel safe. When Ami’s mother must travel for business, she tells her an enchanting story to distract her from her sadness. But when magic takes over, Ami’s mother is reminded of what matters most in life – one another.

Ami will make you laugh, touch your heart and leave you smiling with its fairytale happy ending.


Ami’s story is brought to life using a traditional, “handmade” 2D animation style. The look and feel of the movie are inspired by both children’s books and the nostalgic magic of animated films.



Ami is an adorable and tenacious 3-year-old girl who loves her mother very much. When her mother announces that she must leave for a business trip, Ami becomes very sad. She clings to her mother and, with her impish grin and wide eyes, she does everything she can think of to keep her from leaving. Ami’s mother then comes up with an idea to comfort her anxious daughter. The pair plant the seed of a flower and Ami’s mother tells her that, if she takes very good care of the seed, a flower will grow. Then, once the flower is in bloom, it will be time for her mother to return. In the end, mother and daughter are reunited in a magical and unexpected way!



The idea for the script came to life while the director was taking care of his niece when her parents were away on business. He saw how is little niece Amalia (the inspiration for our character Ami) and her parents were suffering while they were apart.
This experience prompted our director to create a film for both children and their parents regarding this challenging aspect of modern life. He wanted to make a tender, charming and magical tale that would aid families in dealing with these difficult situations.
With this film, we hope to touch the hearts of both adults and children and to help parents and children better understand one another.

We also want to create a beautiful and technically sound film that will gain exposure and win awards at festivals, allowing us to create more animated films.